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Got bun?

Wow.  I’m only on blog #2, and already I am going to dedicate it to someone.  (Who would have guessed!?)  Who is this blog post dedicated to?  A waitress.  I have no idea what her name is or even what she looks like.  So, why am I dedicating this blog to her?

Well, last night my husband and I went out with 2 other couples from work.  As much as I look forward to the camaraderie of being out and about with colleagues (an experience I haven’t had much of since being diagnosed with celiac disease), I was also dreading it, because I was wondering what I would be able to eat, how hungry I would get waiting to eat until I got back home, or what outrageous price I’d have to spend for some silly cheese platter just to not starve to death.  (and don’t get me started on the “salad” option – that is another post for another time!)

So, imagine my amazement and pure DELIGHT at discovering that not only does the Bryant Lake Bowl have a gluten free menu, but they actually “get it” when it comes to food prep and cross contamination.  And how did this all come about?  (hint, hint:  remember that waitress I mentioned earlier?)

In the midst of expressing my excitement over this discovery, our waiter gave me the scoop:  one of their waitresses has celiac disease, too.  She developed the gluten free menu, and apparently made sure that everyone knows how not to cross-contaminate the food they serve.  When a non-celiac waiter explains the importance of cutting a sandwich bun on a clean plate instead of on the sandwich board, you KNOW they get it!

Which brings me to the next stanza in my proclamation of love for this place:  not only was the menu full, it had a great variety of options: appetizers, entrees, salads, and sandwiches.  AND  (AND AND AND…drum roll, please) get this:  the “burgers and sandwiches”…they actually had buns.  That is correct:  the yummy burger that I got (dripping with cheese and mayo) actually came between two delicious pieces of bread.

(For those of you who don’t have to eat gluten free, you might not realize this, but in most GF menus, if you order a sandwich or burger, what you get is the filling part…not the stuff that holds it all together.  It is NOT quite the same experience, at all.)  Yes, this was a big deal.

So, my sincere thanks and appreciate to the nameless, faceless waitress who took the time to make this happen, and to the powers-that-be at the Bryant Lake Bowl who took her seriously.  Whomever you are, you are beyond awesome.  This one’s for you!

Oh!  And one more thing:  the flip side of the menu?  Gluten free breakfast and brunch.

I think my weekends just got a little busier. 😉


Got Celiac?

This is my first time blogging, so you’ll have to excuse any rough edges I still have on the process.  I intend for this blog to discuss living with Celiac disease – whether you have it, your spouse/significant other has it, your child has it, or a friend or other family member has it.  This is a blog about dealing with it.  The ups, the downs, the really-down downs, the irritations, the silliness, and at times the stupidity of it all.  If you have celiac disease, feel free to vent or laugh along with me.  If you know someone with celiac, I hope this helps to convey some of the emotions and explain some of the actions that we have to embrace in our daily life.

If you have Celiac and it has been a complete dream for you, then this blog probably isn’t for you.  But if you’re like me, and you’ve accepted it (however grudgingly) as a means of survival, then you might like this.  If you want to explore how embrace it, then this might be for you.  If you are a big dork who wants to find fun ways to do gluten-free things, then this might be right up your alley.  And if every now and then you need to have a sympathetic soul to commiserate with, well, here I am.

I didn’t want this.  I didn’t ask for it.  I certainly didn’t know that gluten was such a two-faced jerk behind my back!  I am….an Accidental Celiac.