Have you been “Cupcake’d” today?

"Cupcake'd" Card to Print

Well, here it is….February 1st.

In my wandering through Target today, I came upon their seasonal section, and of course, it is all set up and bedazzled for Valentine’s Day.  As a lover of all things sugar, I embrace this holiday, and look for delicious pink and red sugary ways to spend my money and support it.  As someone with a sweetheart (my husband, Brent), I’d like to think my fondness for this holiday has something to do with that, as well.

In strolling down the aisles, I came upon the section where there are a series of assorted chocolates and confections that come in heart-shaped boxes and tins.  And do you know what?  I picked up those many different heart-shaped boxes, and determined that at least 34 of them were not gluten free.  That’s right: 34 different heart-shaped ways to say, “I love you”, and not one that was destined to be received by me.  I pondered getting a Star Wars one for Brent anyway, but what kind of holiday would that be, giving him a box full of stuff he can’t share with me?!?  (“Oh, no Honey, no kisses for Valentine’s Day…you just ate malted barley, remember?”)  Yeah.  Not going to happen.

Bah-humbug!  (And it isn’t even the right holiday to be bah-humbugging!)

Well, you know what?  I’m sick of being left out!  I’m tired of sitting on the side-lines while everyone else gets treats and I don’t.  (donuts / bagels / birthday cakes in the office?  I’m talkin’ to you here!)  And I’m convinced that I am not the only person who feels a twinge of sadness every time something yummy-looking comes around.  Am I right?

So, today is the day.  I am taking a stand!  I am declaring February to be the month where you get “Cupcake’d!”

“What’s that?”, you say?  “What the heck does that mean?”

Allow me to tell you:  I have decided that I am going to start a movement.  I recently learned of 2 individuals in my social-vicinity who are gluten-free.  I have decided to bake and deliver a cupcake to each of these 2 individuals.   The note attached will explain that they have been “Cupcake’d!”, meaning that on this completely random day, a special treat was brought in to work.  And unlike every other day when special treats are brought in, this one isn’t for everyone else…it is especially just for them.  It is gluten-free and delicious, and best of all, it is a surprise.

As much as I feel sorry for myself, I also feel sorry for everyone else out there that feels the same way and who might feel like there isn’t anyone else out there who understands how socially isolating being gluten-free really is.  This is a cupcake connection.  A surprise gesture to indicate that for that one moment on that day, they are not on the outside looking in.  Heck, think of it even as some sort of bizarre gluten-free club initiation that we all have membership in.

Because while you can feel very isolated being gluten-free, the truth is that you’re not alone.  I’m gluten free.  So are 1 out of every 133 other people in this country.  So, this is a chance to make a connection, to offer encouragement, and to take part in the most common of all social rituals:  the sharing of food.

I’m going to get someone “Cupcake’d” , and I’d like you to join me.  Think of someone you know who is gluten-free.  (it could be a friend or family member, it could be an acquaintance at work or church, or it could be someone you volunteer with, etc…, although please have it be someone you at least KNOW (remember: don’t be weird!))   Think of this person and make a choice to surprise them with a cupcake this month.  You can go to a local GF bakery and buy one, or if you’re excellent with preventing cross-contamination, you could bake a batch from scratch or use a mix.  You could “Cupcake” one person or twenty, I don’t care. I’m going to post a card you can print out and sign, please attach this to your cupcake when you give it to your friend so they don’t assume it contains wheat flour and throw it away.  🙂

But when you’re done, I’d love it if you posted here and told me about it.  Tell me what you did and what you thought about it. If you were “Cupcake’d”, share your thoughts on what it was like to get a random act of gluten-free sweetness.

So what do you say? February is 29 days long this year…..   Have you “Cupcake’d” anyone today?

Oh!  And don’t worry if you baked the Betty Crocker mix instead of going to BitterSweet Bakery, and don’t worry about whether it is decorated prettily.  As long as it isn’t cross contaminated, you’ll be fine, because at the end of the day, getting “Cupcake’d” isn’t about getting a cupcake at all.

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About AccidentalCeliac

I am an architect living in Minneapolis who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I also am a mother of two children, one of whom has Celiac Disease, as well. This blog is about all things related to navigating the many terrains of gluten-free living. I hope to share tips and experiences, post news and fun ideas, vent a little, and share anything else that has to do with this lifestyle that so many people are now living with.

4 responses to “Have you been “Cupcake’d” today?”

  1. Erin Kelly-Collins says :

    Thanks for the cupcake, Alissa! After you left (and I couldn’t figure it out myself), I asked around and learned from Ben and Chad our connection to each other. Appreciate you thinking of me. I look forward to actually getting to know you in the future 🙂

    • AccidentalCeliac says :

      No problem! I was thinking about this cupcake project – sort of a “random acts of cupcakedness” and when Ben mentioned that someone in his office was gluten-free, I was like, “Bummer! That sounds lonely! If I were in that person’s shoes, I’d want a cupcake, too!” I don’t know how long you’ve been GF, but every time I get my head wrapped around it, something throws me for a loop. Oh, and I would love to get to know you! Perhaps we could grab lunch sometime. (I go to Brasa, since 99% of the menu is GF) Have a great week!

  2. Shelly says :

    This is so awesome – we have a meeting at our gluten free kids group on Monday so I am going to get the “Cupcake’d”. And then I am going to recommend them to cupcakes someone they know this Valentines Day!! Thank you so much!!

    • AccidentalCeliac says :

      Feel free to print out as many of the attached foldable cards as you like! I left one side of the interior blank so you can add your own message, and the back has the website listed so the recipient can provide comments and feedback on their experience. (it is the jpg. at the top) I am excited to see what the ripple effect of this will be…. 🙂

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