I got a lot of great feedback about this post, and it seems especially timely, so I am re-posting it.


When I was first diagnosed with celiac disease, the first person I got to meet face-to-face about it was an authoritative RN.  Prior to this, I had heard over the phone from my OB (I was pregnant at the time) that my blood tests said I had celiac, I had been hauled in to have my biopsy a couple of months later (after having my baby), and now was all prepared for the official “Yep, you have it.” moment.  It wasn’t a shock to me by this point, since I had known about it since that first phone call, and I had already decided to go GF and stick to it, not only for my health, but because it would make it easier on my daughter (also celiac) if she wasn’t the only one in our house who HAD to do this.

But back to the RN….she was not one…

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About AccidentalCeliac

I am an architect living in Minneapolis who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I also am a mother of two children, one of whom has Celiac Disease, as well. This blog is about all things related to navigating the many terrains of gluten-free living. I hope to share tips and experiences, post news and fun ideas, vent a little, and share anything else that has to do with this lifestyle that so many people are now living with.

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