Take THAT, Celiac!

While on the Twin Cities ROCK (Raising Our Celiac Kids) walk last month (sidenote: fun event, great food fair, fun raffle and silent auction prizes, and all for a good cause: celiac research – be sure to go next May!), our family was walking with another family (friends of ours), and we were talking about stuff, catching up on all the tidbits of news and whatnot from when we last saw each other.  (we get together quite often, but still oddly find stuff to talk about.)  You know, typical conversation with good friends.

Our friends were commenting on my blog, which is nice to know that they take the time to read, since they aren’t celiacs.  I think the conversation shifted to talking about the mis-perception that we celiacs are “picky eaters”, when we started joking around about it.  It was from this string of celiac-inappropriate comments that we came up with an idea:  a counter-point blog to mine (its alter-ego, as it were)….it would be called “Take THAT, Celiac!”

So, as we are walking, our friend (Scott) and I start talking about the blog topics that would serve as counter-point (he said / she said) posts to mine.  And in this determination, we decided that the posts would consist entirely of a photo of some gluten-laden food, with the caption, “Take THAT, Celiac!”

(the gluten equivalent  of “So there!”  or “Oh, yeah?  Well, whatever!”)  Imagine…a whole blog with each post consisting of nothing but a photo and an idiotic caption.

I found this idea to be endlessly amusing and although incredibly inappropriate, it was hilarious to think about.

And….surprisingly, I have found that it has helped, in a bizarrely unexpected way, in dealing with all of the yummy stuff I can no longer eat.  Since that day, when confronted with pangs of nostalgia for deep fried whatever, or some delicious pastry, I visualize the perfect photo of it posted on a blog with the words, “Take THAT, Celiac!” below.

It makes me laugh from the sheer idiocy of it.

If anyone did that in reality, I would be kind-of hurt and probably offended, but the thought of it as an idiotic comeback to logic and reason, well, it amuses me.

So…in my ramblings today, I just wanted to share that sometimes celiac disease is just stupid, and the only cure for the stupidness of it all is to out-stupid it.  I take celiac disease sooooo seriously in reality, it is fun to now and again have a laugh about the absurdity of the situation.  (this could just be me and my quirky sense of humor…. but if you think it is funny, let me know, because for some reason, I think it is hilarious.)

I have started a “takeTHATceliac” blog: NOT to actually follow-through on the photo/caption idea, but to prevent someone from actually using it to be mean with.

If you think this is stupid-funny, let me know!  If you think this is just plain stupid, well, feel free to share as well.

But if you find yourself walking through a store and spotting some yummy-looking, gluten-filled whatever, I want you to pause for a second and picture what the photo of that would look like on the blog…and then the caption “Take THAT, Celiac!”  If the absurdity of it all doesn’t at least make you crack a smile, well…. your sense of humor is probably more refined than mine.  🙂

BUT, if it makes you start giggling, I want to hear about it.

So whadaya’ say?  Ready to conquer the gluten-filled world?  Take THAT, Celiac!  😀


About AccidentalCeliac

I am an architect living in Minneapolis who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I also am a mother of two children, one of whom has Celiac Disease, as well. This blog is about all things related to navigating the many terrains of gluten-free living. I hope to share tips and experiences, post news and fun ideas, vent a little, and share anything else that has to do with this lifestyle that so many people are now living with.

7 responses to “Take THAT, Celiac!”

  1. Maureen Burke says :

    I love the way you write and I think it is absolutely hysterical, “Take that Celiac”! I have been living with CD since 1988 and the best medicine for me has been not losing my sense of humor. The good news is that folks who eat my food don’t feel like they are missing out on anything!

  2. Eleanor Jean Creasey (@Jean_05) says :

    Love it! With so many great products and recipes now it’s easy to say “take THAT Celiac”.

    I’ll second that Maureen, your products are delicious!

  3. CC Gluten Freed says :

    I also hate when i am cast as a “picky eater.” I actually made a youtube video about that very issue for a class at UC Berkeley. Check the video out — I think you’ll like it 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4G5Qw8S90M

    I am glad you took the initiative to make the blog so that no one else could! That was smart. I sometimes laugh at the absurdity of it all as well. It is so insane how many foods we can’t eat! What a crazy world.


  4. Lori says :

    This is only the second post I have read and wanted to say I think it is a wonderful idea. My son was diagnosed last December, a week before his 5th birthday. I am still trying to learn the road, as it is going to a long journey. By following your blog and joining Twin Cities Rock I am hoping to learn a lot more.

    • AccidentalCeliac says :

      A 5-yr. old, eh? My daughter turns 5 this year, so it is a different set of hurdles. I might recommend that you read my post about Chuck E. Cheese, especially since you are in Minnesota. (The WORST Pizza I ever loved). Feel free to ask any questions you want….we’ve been GF for almost 3 years now…so not as long as some, but long enough to learn some of the ropes. 🙂 Also, your 5-year old night enjoy dining at Old Spaghetti Factory – they have a GF kid’s menu and are super about cross contamination. Good luck!! (and again, don’t hesitate to contact me about anything!)

      • Lori says :

        I did read the Chuck E. Cheese post and was excited about it! We have never been to one but both of my kids want to go. We live in western Wisconsin (about 45 min. east of Hudson) but see specialists in St. Paul and Woodbury so we go that way often. I will be in touch, thanks for the invitation:)

  5. good2eat4U says :

    I think I get it: Take That Celiac! I made a gluten free dairy free lasagna last week that passed as the real thing! I call it ‘Lasagna off the bloat’ (not a typo)!

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